DJR Music is a Dallas, TX-based DJ/Producer/Artist. Specializing in bringing energy and fun without compromising your character. Currently, working on his first project as a producer. You can also catch DJR spinning for conferences, corporate events, festivals, weddings and where ever a party DJ is needed.   

Having written 50+ Hip-Hop songs, performed at SXSW, opened for nationally signed artists and recorded 4 albums as an independent artist. He has used music as a tool to reach the next generation and to teach them that you are what you eat. What you put in is what eventually comes out. Music had a huge impact on some of the decisions that were made growing up.

Content is everything in a song. It is easy to say that I am only listening to the beat. But listen to the song 5 times and you start remembering the words. What many do not realize is that there are life and death in the words we speak or in this case listen too. So DJR Music has made every effort to clean up what many listen to. By making edits and mixing songs up so the party people have fun still but their character is not compromised.

We are Party People Tested and Parent Approved.